The Pittsburgh Soapmakers Gathering is an annual conference for soap and cosmetic makers for the mid-west and mid-Atlantic area. All are welcome to our happy group. Bring your laughter and joy!

Now we are sharing another workshop – Distillation Palooza on August 25th!

Registration for Distillation Palooza!!

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Are you intrigued by the making Hydrosols and Essential Oils? Good news!!

Cindy Novack is returning to Harmony, PA on Aug 25th for a Distillation Palooza!
This is a day-long intensive workshop making hydrosols and essential oils.


Cost – 75.00 (lunch included)

Location – Harmony Museum, Harmony, PA

Workshop Instructor – Cindy Rumpf Novack

Workshop Coordinator – Lori Chandler

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Registration – PittsburghSoapmakersGathering.com

Workshop limited to 40 participants.

Time – 9:00 – 5:00


The plans for the day include

AM Session
*In-depth lecture and demo. Notebooks and handouts included.

Lunch – Yummo!

PM Sessions

*For those who have stills – make 1 round of hydrosols from veggies, herbs, bark, etc., see demos about how to use hydrosols, tour 5 – 6 other stills in process.

*Those who do not have stills, you will see first-hand how the variety of stills types work and produce hydrosols, see demos about how to use hydrosols, tour 5 – 6 other stills in process.

*Some stills will be available for rent. Indicate interest when registering. Limited number available with an additional cost.

* Hands-on take-home project.


This workshop is being offered for 75.00. (Avg of this workshop type ranges 250.00 – 450.00)

After you register, you will receive an email with the workshop details.

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Workshop Information

Distilling your own plants and herbs from your garden isn’t as difficult as you might think. Why not capture the aroma and medicinal qualities from the plants growing around you to use in your skin care products?

Join us on Aug 25, 2018, for a distillation workshop and see exactly how this works. Each distillation will be with different plant matter. When the distillation workshop is complete, everyone will receive a skin nourishing lotion from one of the products distilled during the workshop. Pre-buy offers for stills, books, and kits will be available. Information will be provided by email after registration is complete.

During the distillation we will discuss:
* Plant material used – fresh vs. dried
* Plant monograph
* How to prepare the plant for distillation
* Hydro vs. steam distillations
* What water is best to use & how to prepare it
* Plant material to water ratios and how to calculate amounts of each needed
* Still types and styles
* The parts of the still and their functions
* Heat sources
* How to keep your condenser water cool
* How to keep a distillation journal
* Separating the essential oils from the hydrosol and how to bottle each
* How to filter your hydrosol
* Care and storage of hydrosols
* How to clean the still after the distillation
* What to do with the plant material after distillation

Wow!! Yes, this is all in one day!!!