2018 Final Details – Look for an Email

Wow – 4 more days and we will be setting up! Look in your email for a lonnnnnng message about our day. Print and bring it with you. Alert: note the parking information. I have attached a map of Harmony to assist with finding your…

PSG Featured Session by Cindy Novack

Photo by Cindy Rumpf Novack. Cindy will start our day with this featured session about making hydrosols. Cindy is the owner of Candles and Supplies and will be traveling from Quakertown, PA to be a PSG featured speaker.

2018 – Hotels for the PSG

Harmony Pennsylvania is a beautiful historic town located 15 min north of Cranberry Twp – think mini Colonial Williamsburg. Small narrow streets with interesting shops dotting the landscape. Hotels abound in Cranberry Twp, a 15 minute car ride away. Candlewood Suites and Woodspring Suites have…

How do I register for the 2018 Pittsburgh Soapmakers Gathering?

Where do I register? Registration will be on this website on the last day of February. It is invisible right now (Feb 16th) to prevent early registrations. The registration form will be visible on the day of February and registrations can be completed after midnight.

2018 – Connect By Helping

2018 The Pittsburgh Soapmakers Gathering is a friendly “happy place” to connect with other creatives. Often people ask “Is there anything I can do to help?”. The answer is YES and we have things that fit your availability. Registration opens on March 1st for volunteers….

2017 is a Wrap

What a great time we had on June 24th!! I hope to post some pictures here soon. As of today, all the sponsors have received a snail mail thank you letter and an email thank you with photos of our day. Many thanks to all…

June 24, 2017 – The Day’s Events

2017 Pittsburgh Soapmakers Gathering – Hot Hot Sizzle! Saturday – June 24th 2017 Doors Open – 7:45 Registration Check In – 7:45 to 8:30 Break times – Connect, Destash, Raffle Purchase, View Door Prizes, View Gift Basket Swap, Scent Sniffing Stations, Snack Session 1 –…

Bubble Bubble Making Felted Trouble ;-)

Did you know we are doing a hands on soap felting project together at the gathering? What do you need to bring? A bar of your soap (and one for a (new) friend incase anyone forgets

De-stash and Loving It

What is a de-stash / garage sale? In one word – bargains for you! Soap and candle makers sort through their equipment and supplies, tag them with their name and price them to sell. Several people have contacted me to say they are bringing lots….

Scent Heaven

What is a scent sniffing station? At the Pittsburgh Soapmakers Gathering 4 companies have donated bottles of scents for 4 large stations. We will have paper for your to take notes to plan and record your favorites at each location. Thank you Nature’s Garden, Candle…