2018 – Connect By Helping


The Pittsburgh Soapmakers Gathering is a friendly “happy place” to connect with other creatives. Often people ask “Is there anything I can do to help?”. The answer is YES and we have things that fit your availability.

Registration opens on March 1st for volunteers.

There are many places to assist. Listed below are some of the areas to help. It is first come, first sign up.

If you are available on Friday to set up, it is a time when a larger crew is welcome! Come and join in the fun and get to know the crew.

Food and Kitchen Organizer and crew (yummo!)
Pre Buys related to soapmaking and candle making.
Prep day (pre-organize items to bring to event site)
Set up on site (one day prior),
Take down, and clean up (on the day)
Registration Table
Gift Basket Swap
Beauty and the Beast Contest
Contest – games of guess what…..
Donation soap collector for Pittsburgh North Crisis Center / Living In Liberty
Yard Sale / Garage Sale of Soapmaking & Candle making items
Demonstration helpers
Tech Crew

There are many who are multi-talented within our group. If you have a skill or talent that lends well to a conference or large event, contact Lori.

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